About This Blog

Hi and welcome.

I’m Jeremy. I go by the nickname “Germ” or "Germaximus." Update Oct 25, 2020: now "Germality."

Years back I had done quite a lot of video game reviews and news for many different websites. Eventually I had ended up with one of my own originally named Vault of the Gameverse which then became Germaximus.com. As time passed, I couldn’t find the time to continue game’s coverage so I eventually gave it up and shut that down. I wish I had saved my work, though! Whoops.

Now I’m back to do more casual writing from time to time. I don’t plan to do professional layouts of articles. Everything here should have a more personal feel.

I focus on good things. Most things you’ll read here will be something I’m interested in or really enjoy. I do not go out of my way to be negative about games. What I don’t like, someone else does. I may have negative opinions here and there, but usually if I don’t like a game, I won’t review it or talk about it. There may be a hot topic that comes out that I’d like to share my opinion on.

I hope you'll enjoy what you find here. Thanks for visiting.

P.S. If you ever feel like getting to know me more or hanging out with me for some live gameplay, you can find me on Twitch.