My Return To Marvel's Avengers

     I returned to Marvel's Avengers recently. I just happened to be in the mood to play it again. I love when that happens and I end up enjoying a game a lot more than I was expecting to.

     Marvel's Avengers reminds me a lot of games like Anthem, Destiny, and even Necromunda: Hired Gun. They just don't have enough content in them to keep me playing constantly for so long. I do love playing them very much, though. I wish they had more content (meaning more than doing the same exact mission infinitely) so that I could play them all day long every day for at least a year. 

     Anyways, I love the Avengers game. The campaign is excellent and the replay value is alright. The business model sucks major ass and reminds me of the worst possible mobile F2P models you can find. Sadly, it's not the worst but it is very bad. For one example: I had cleared the campaign and my Battle Pass (or whatever it's called) was at a very low level and I still haven't completed it with many extra hours played after reaching level cap.

     Outside of the business model, I actually love the gameplay. It's a bit odd because early on in the lower levels of the game, you kick major ass and could play through the whole thing on normal without any issues without ever upgrading. Also, the early combat is pretty simple and wouldn't really keep me super engaged by itself.

     That said, the higher level skill unlocks actually open up combat a lot more. The combat skill upgrades are also necessary for the higher level difficulties. Combat is so much more impressive when your whole team has all of their skills unlocked and is using them. It reminds me of games like Marvel Heroes where the screen is filled up with epic and awesome super powers. (I still miss that game so much!!!)  I badly wanna level Hulk up some more in Marvel's Avengers cuz apparently he can pick up two enemies and use them as weapons. (lol) I love playing as Ms. Marvel and grabbing enemies and swinging them all over the room.

     My main character has been Black Widow since whenever I had unlocked her at some point. I love playing Ms. Marvel, though, and she's the main character of the campaign. You do play as the different Avengers through the campaign. I don't remember how it all went down. I just remember Ms. Marvel is the main character for the story. (I beat it back when it first released and my memory sucks.)

     There's a new level-up system. You can keep gaining extra levels past the original level cap. That's pretty cool. The power cap seems to currently be capped at 150, though.

     The new free content is very cool. I was impressed by the stories even though they're pretty short. I forget how long exactly but it was cool stuff for unlocking the two new Hawkeye characters. I thought it was dumb when I saw they were doing that but both characters are cool and different enough on their own. The timeline story is cool.

     After having returned to the game and played a bunch, I'm far more excited for the Wakanda expansion now. I wasn't hyped for it before and I can't help but expect to be disappointed. But at the same time, I also really look forward to it. I haven't played enough of the regular event content to know how I feel about it. 

     The mission table in Marvel's Avengers sucks. It's often hard to tell what you're supposed to do. I think you're just supposed to do whatever you want but you also have little challenges and not all of them are obvious where to go and do them. I still don't understand why it's popular now to put hubs in campaigns. Is it easier to design that way? There is not enough content. But the combat is fun and the story is pretty damn cool and good.

     I've had some stupid mission to loot a cache in a war zone since the game came out. I know I must have looted a lot of caches in war zones by now. 

     I love the game. Thanks for reading. Have a great day and game on.