Marvel's Avengers Review 8/10


     I want to start this by talking about the misunderstandings or confusion over Marvel's Avengers as a "games as a service." I think the reason it's even seen as this is due to the fact that there will be content added to the game as well as the fact that the game has microtransactions.

     The way I see it, Marvel's Avengers is mainly a campaign game that offers a decent amount of replay value. As far as I can tell and am aware of, this game is not intended to be a year or even years long event. People seem to be confusing it with an MMORPG.

     Marvel's Avengers has a really great campaign with what I thought of as an incredible finale with some epic surprises. I did wish the game went on longer and that there was more story to it but I was definitely satisfied.

     I started writing the above about a month ago, probably. Now, I barely touch Marvel's Avengers. I'm okay with that. I got my fun out of it and I think and feel it was totally worth it. Also, if I'm ever in the mood I will play more. To me, it is very similar to something like Anthem where it has replay value but it lacks enough content to make me wanna play it consistently.

     Originally, I had intended to level cap every single character in the game, and I still kind of do. I want to and I hope one day I still will. I freakin love Marvel's Avengers. I think it's super fun. It does have issues like certain missions that overload you with homing missiles from every single possible angle and the counter-attack/parry system is so delayed and unfluid (is that a word?) that sometimes it's just beyond incredibly frustrating. But overall and generally, I have so much fun playing the game. The content, however, is lacking. And that's not something I'm angry about. The replay value is cool. Like Anthem or even Destiny/2, there's just not enough different mission types to keep me playing continuously. The game is insanely fun, but I don't want to replay the same freakin missions one-hundred times. So, I will play whenever I happen to be in the mood but I do have too many games to play!

     Maybe, at some point Marvel's Avengers will surprise me and others with lots of new content. I know they plan to add new heroes but without more content that isn't really gonna do much for me. I also remember they do plan to add more dungeons and even "raids," but just how much is unknown. I believe that will depend on the active playerbase. Do they have enough players to make it worth adding a lot more content? We'll see. Either way, I thought the campaign was excellent and I enjoy the small bit of replay value.

     I would only recommend this game at full price to those that already wanted it (I sure did, I couldn't wait), not to people that were curious. I definitely recommend the game at a $30 price tag or under. And that's not cuz of "worth." It's more about the normalcy of us as players not having enough money to burn $60 on every game we want (soon to be $70, ugh).

     Thanks for reading. Game on.