Realm Royale Will Not Receive Further Major Updates

     The CEO of Hi-Rez Studios in a reply to a tweet, not even an announcement or pinned tweet, shared a statement on the discontinued support for Realm Royale. Even the official Realm Royale twitter account has still not shared this news or tweet. Like wtf?

     The tiny bit of good news is that Realm Royale will still remain open to be playable. It just will not receive any more major updates. It might receive small bug fixes at the most.

     What happened is Realm Royale was not making money. Hi-Rez's newest game, Rogue Company, made more money in the first month of Closed Beta than Realm Royale did in its entire lifetime. That is really sad and crazy to me.

     It's been generally known among any players in the community that pay attention that the dev team working on Realm Royale has been very small for a long time. We still had hope, though. And now, while that hope is gone, at least the truth is out, sort of. I think it's pretty despicable that they didn't make this a clear announcement but whatever, that's just how it is.

     I love Realm Royale. It's the most fun battle royale I've ever played. I'm glad I'll still be able to play when I'm in the mood. This is very sad news but it's also not very surprising. There are so many games I have loved deeply that shut down. At least this one is still playable for now.

     If you still haven't played it, don't let this stop you. Give it a try. I think it's really fun. Thanks for reading. Game on.