Marvel's Avengers Beta Impressions


     There are two things that immediately stuck out to me when starting to play the Marvel's Avengers beta. The first was how incredibly powerful I felt with each of the characters the introduction of the game had me play. They were all badass and super fun! The second was a result of the first, it felt way too easy.

     Fortunately, after playing through a few side missions that became available after completing the campaign intro, I noticed how the game can be challenging at times depending on the enemy type, how many enemies are in the area, and the difficulty. So for now, my worries of Marvel's Avengers being too easy are put to rest.

     When it comes to the combat and parry system, Marvel's Avengers is noticeably different than other similar brawlers such as the newest Spider-Man game, Sleeping Dogs, or the Batman Arkham series. The reason for that is in this game you get away with a lot of pummeling and shooting before a counter or dodge would even be necessary. Also, the parry doesn't do an instant takedown like a lot of similar games do. It acts more like a temporary stun. So until I got further into the game, I wasn't really used to properly timing dodges or parries and I'm still not. I'm okay with that since I expect to get more used to the timing on higher difficulties and certain enemy types where it's needed more.

     The combat is a lot of fun but does feel repetitive with the small amount of animations for Low and Heavy attacks. The cooldowns on the abilities are way too long but it kinda makes sense early on since the game is super easy when you start. I'll have to see if the cooldowns feel balanced and if they make sense in harder difficulties after the game officially comes out. 

     Each character is super fun to play as. I was expecting to have a favorite. My problem so far has not been being able to pick one. Hulk has been my least favorite but he's still super badass and fun to play as.

     The co-op felt cool but I didn't get a lot of chances to play it and stuck with solo for the most part. I hope some of the attempts I did for co-op helped them with the Beta cuz it was a bit messy and I kept encountering errors. I did see they announced that this should be better in the Open Beta.

     I only spent a few hours playing the Marvel's Avengers beta. I've learned from past betas that I've played, when I enjoy the game a lot I'll play a ton of the beta and unintentionally burn myself out on it before I even play the launch version. So this time I mentally prepared myself not to grind. Today I had a hard time fighting with that cuz the more I play, the more I really like it and want to play more. That also depends on my mood too, of course. Sometimes I just wanna beat bad guys up.

     As far as the loot system, I wasn't feeling it. It seemed very rare to get an upgrade. I'm glad there isn't an endless amount of garbage loot, though. You know in games like Borderlands or Diablo where you spend five minutes emptying your inventory of just pure garbage you'd never consider using? I do not enjoy that at all. I didn't encounter that in Marvel's Avengers but I did notice in the beta that loot wasn't very common. I'm totally okay with that so far because as I've mentioned, I felt very powerful without even needing upgrades. That said, I do enjoy the small "crafting"-ish mechanic of using some type of elements that drop to upgrade the gear I already have equipped. So I'll see how that goes in the full launch version.

     The game is semi-open world with a Mission setup where you select your mission and enter into specific areas to complete. There's enough room to move around and explore but it is not an open world game and I'm fine with that.

     I found the Marvel's Avengers beta to be super enjoyable and I look forward to the launch. I was told that there will be more "finisher" moves in the launch version which I was glad about cuz there's only one per hero in the beta right now (that I noticed). 

     The Open Beta for PlayStation 4 will be on August 14th - 16th while the Xbox One and PC will have closed betas on the same dates with a preload available on the 13th. I believe that "closed" would be for people that pre-ordered. A full Open Beta on all platforms will be August 21st - 23rd with a preload available on the 20th.

     At this point, I wouldn't recommend the game at $60 until I have a better idea after playing the full game but you'll have a chance to check it out for yourself soon. Remember, the beta doesn't have everything the full launch will. Thanks for reading. Game on.

Update Sept 7: just wanted to note that the Beta was a sample of what the replay value for the game is like. The campaign plays out a bit differently and is pretty awesome.