May 2020: Games That Look Cool

     On occasion I start browsing upcoming or newly released games just for the heck of it. Ones that you wouldn't normally see advertised and such. When I find cool looking ones, I usually share a quick post on facebook and twitter with a link to it. Tonight I decided to also post on my blog about these cool looking games.

     First up is my favorite of the few I came across, BPM: Bullets Per Minute. I'm not quite sure I'll love the gameplay itself but I do love the idea and it looks awesome. BPM is a first-person shooter but apparently you shoot, dodge, and jump based on music rhythm. It makes me think a little of Dub Wars which I only have a couple hours played on but it really impressed me.
     Then there's Haxity which looks like a mesh of fighting game and trading card game but mostly heavy on the tcg side. I kind of want to put in a key request for it but I think it's a game that I'd play for maybe thirty minutes to check it out and then never touch again. I've done that plenty of times in the past but it's never on purpose. I try to request games I believe I'll play a lot of. Haxity just looks super cool with a new spin on TCGs.
     Third is a 4v1 asymmetrical game played with an isometric view which I think is great. 7 Bones and 7 Stones - The Ritual with it's long name has beautiful visuals and looks interesting. I'm generally a fan of the concept of these types of games but I currently don't get super hardcore into multiplayer games anymore. It's a little hard for me to tell in the trailer how exactly this game plays out but I wanted to share it cuz it looks cool.
     I will always remember and love Evolve for bringing out the popularity of this type of game. I'm still sad it's gone. I thought it was excellent even though it could be improved upon and by the time it was, it was just too late for whatever reason.

     I almost didn't share Foregone but I just have to. The main reason I wasn't going to share it is cuz it seems like it'll already have a decent following and hype for an indie game. I always forget about this one but then when I see it I'm like omg I always forget how cool that game looked! It reminds me a lot of Dead Cells but also with some Seraph thrown in.
     Lastly is Daybringer which happens to have a playable demo right now! It's funny cuz when browsing some of these games I was thinking, "man some of these games should just be given away for free. If you want people to play your game and it's a learning kind of thing, just give it away and get feedback. Don't charge for this cuz it obviously looks like crap."

     Anyways, I thought that was funny cuz I was thinking it right before I came across this. I did not think this one looks like crap. I haven't tried it yet but it looks funny and fun. I have it installed. It's a super tiny file size and I might not play more than five minutes of it but that's fine.
     My content doesn't get a lot of views so I appreciate you checking out my post. I hope it offered a game or two you find interest in that you might not have normally seen. Feel free leave a comment or to reach out to me with a tweet, message/post to me on facebook to let me know about any interesting games you have spotted, or even hang with me on twitch whenever I happen to be on. Thanks for reading. Game on.