Doom Has The Best Controller Feel For An FPS

     Something I'll never forget about my play time with Doom 2014 is the feel of the controller and how easy and natural movement felt. I still haven't played Doom Eternal yet but I'm assuming and hoping it's the same.

     Where it's most obvious how good the controls are with the controller is while strafing. I can't think of a single other FPS I've played on console that has such a good feeling strafing as Doom does. On a keyboard, strafing is the easiest thing ever. But with a controller, it always feels clunky, gross, and like I can never properly do it or get a good feeling for it. It ends up changing the way I play the game while using a controller and I don't like it.

     Strafing is incredibly important in multiplayer in any FPS for dodging and weaving and all that. I really loved the multiplayer in Doom 2014. My friend, Medve5, told me it sucked when it launched, being unbalanced and pay to win. I didn't end up playing the game until a little over a year after it was out so apparently that was all fixed up and better by the time I got into it.

     In Doom, the movement kind of has a floaty feel but that's only because of how perfectly smooth the controls are when moving. In most FPS games I feel like I have to yank the analog stick all the way to the fullest left or right to be able to strafe. This is horrible and results in me not bothering to strafe in most cases because it's not efficient and feels like crap. But in Doom, the slightest touch has me gliding around. It's amazing.

     This is just something I think about sometimes, especially when playing any new FPS or any old FPS I decide to throw on. I always can't help but wish they all had the same kind of perfectly smooth controls that Doom does. If you know of any other FPS games that feel this good on a controller, please let me know. I'm curious. Thanks for reading. Game on.