Realm Royale's "Sprinting Fight" Game Mode Is Incredible, But...


     Hi! Realm Royale received "Limited Time Events" in its newest patch about a month or so ago. These timed game modes show up during the weekends only and completely take over one of the existing game modes: Solo, Duo, or Squad which can suck when you wanna play the normal version.

     I loved the idea of the LTEs but I hadn't really jumped into any of them until now. The Sprinting Fight happened to take over the Solo que this weekend (the one I mainly play) and the way someone had described it to me on the Realm Royale Discord channel had me very interested so I had to jump in.

     Sprinting Fight pits 20 players instead of the normal 100 against each other in a similar Battle Royale but in this game mode everyone is forced into the first circle at the very start. There's enough space to move and loot but it pushes a very fast paced match which is great. I think it's a little too fast but overall absolutely love the idea of it and how it plays.

     In Sprinting Fight, there are only two rings  total. Most encounters and deaths will usually happen in the first circle, at least half anyways. Once players are required to move to the next circle, the circle moves, guiding you to the next. In only a few matches, I have yet to actually make it into the final circle (I've been close I think). It seems like it's in an impossible spot to get to based on how you're guided.

     This is where my first complaint of Realm Royale's Sprinting Fight game mode comes in. The speed of the circle seems perfect as far as I can tell. It's fast but not too fast. The problem is that the next time the circle stops is across the entire map. It does push for some very fun chase engagements but there's no real comfort in it which can be thrilling but also awkward which slightly takes the fun out of it.

     My second complaint is that Sprinting Fight only uses the same exact two circles each time you que up. They're not randomized for the map as far as I can tell. I've only played five matches of this game mode but it was the same exact spots each time. This leads me to believe that the developer team hasn't fully finalized the game mode. That does make sense since this is still called a Beta and these are newly tested special events. 

     So, Sprinting Fight is probably the coolest thing I have seen in a Battle Royale game. I would love to see some changes such as more circles instead of two as well as randomization of course. Maybe four circles total instead. That way the circle doesn't have to move across the entire freakin map and might allow for speedier circle swaps as well as making versions for more than 20 players.  Imagine trying to get some Forges off before the next circle if possible! I'd also like to be able to drop in and have a little bit of breathing room of at least thirty seconds to gather some gear before having to move into the first circle.

     Sprinting Fight seems to me like the most perfect game mode for Realm Royale's smaller playerbase. If it did get its own que, we would definitely need some randomized circle drops instead of doing the same two over again. I'll make some edits to this post if I discover I was somehow getting unlucky with drops being the same circles or if someone lets me know. I was really surprised by this game mode and I found it to be pretty incredible. I would love to see it get more fleshed out.

Thanks for reading. Game on!