Call of Duty: Mobile Is Surprisingly Impressive

     I had forgotten about Call of Duty: Mobile because I kept expecting it to release on Steam. About a week ago I finally decided to look it up and find out where and how to play it. The officially supported PC client is called Gameloop.

     The mobile version of the Call of Duty series feels just like any of the other games to me. I'm impressed by how many maps it has and how many game modes. One of the first things I noticed that I like even more about it is that it isn't 90% dying when spawning (exaggerated of course but it sure feels that way). Most of the CoD games consist of grenade and kill streak spam. While Kill Streaks can be cool, I often find myself unable to actually play because of them. Spawn/die repeatedly is what I know the CoD games for.

     Call of Duty: Mobile is different. I'm not sure if it's because the players are noobs, if it's because they're young and more aggressive, or because it's a mobile version of the game and people play those differently? It could also be that the higher level you get, the more players with high level Kill Streaks you'll encounter. But the cool thing is I'm level 31 or 32 and still haven't encountered the repeated spawn/die thing.

     From what I've seen of the pay model, it's also surprisingly not as bad as I would have expected from Activision. This is probably the least intrusive of the CoD series when it comes to microtransactions which is nuts. There's no Season Pass so you're not missing out on content and the player base doesn't get split. The free version of the Battle Pass is pretty cool. That said, the paid version doesn't look that great so I'd guess they may make changes on that in the future.

     The one thing that keeps me from wanting to play more often is that it also feels a bit too easy. I was told that PC players will be matched up with other PC players but I looked it up and it does seem to have crossplay. I'm guessing that the matchmaking will try its best to pair PC players with PC players but if there aren't enough of them, they will be put in with mobile players. And for the most part, that is definitely unfair. I have seen a video of a guy who's high level on mobile and he says he was dominating PC players. I had no way of actually knowing if that was true or not.

     After playing for a little while when I first started, I did find out that you can end up facing a lot of bots in the social lobby. You have to play Ranked in order to face only players, similar to Gears 5 as I've recently discovered. Unfortunately, Ranked matches aren't so easy to jump into at any time. You gotta keep re-queing sometimes. In small relation to that, if you play the Battle Royale mode, make sure to uncheck the "Fill Squad" button to get into games quicker. I have yet to be able to get into a squad game but I haven't tried a whole lot. I absolutely love the way you auto loot items you need in the BR mode.

     Overall, Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most impressive free-to-play games I've ever played and it shocks me. Activision is one of my top 3 hated game companies due to their greed. For some reason, this game doesn't seem as bad as the AAA versions when it comes to microtransactions. Maybe because it's considered a Beta and it will get worse? I don't know but at this point I would love to see an official AAA free-to-play version of CoD come to PC and console if it's gonna be as good as this.

Thanks for reading. Game on!