Anthem Expectations and Toxicity

I'm watchful of the Anthem game topic because I love the game. So of course I see a lot of both the hateful and loving comments. Seeing some more of the sensible disappointing and frustrating comments gave me a bit more to say about my experience again.

Something that I've mentioned in my original review as well as my thoughts on why negative reviewers should be ashamed: I love Anthem as a short term game.

My issue is not with players being frustrated or disappointed. My issue has always been people stupidly hating on Anthem by making a huge deal out of very small and fixable problems.

I think for the sensible people frustrated or disappointed with the game, it all comes down to expectations. And that makes sense. We all go through it for every game we're excited for.

For me, after I had played Anthem for around 30 hours before having completed the main campaign I was completely satisfied. I could have stopped there and been happy that I had a great experience.

It's nice to be able to continue playing Anthem after the campaign. And that's where the sensible disappointment comes from. The disappointment that I can understand from players. Not all the other nitpicky bullcrap that a bunch of stupid players decided to scream about. But the disappointment in the end game in its current state.

The end game in Anthem is very fun but it's certainly not enough right now. There are plenty of people out there grinding like crazy while complaining that loot isn't rewarding enough. And that's fine. I can agree with that for the top tier end game. It's easy enough to get a full Masterwork set but Legendary is an insanely deep grind. It wouldn't be so bad if there was enough content to keep it fun. But there's not.

With the little amount of end game Anthem currently has, the loot grind is not as fun as it should be. That is all.

Next week will bring a patch full of an insane amount of fixes and loot updates that look amazing but we won't know just how good it will be until it's live. I'm really looking forward to giving it a try.

Even with that patch, it won't address the biggest issue which is actual content. I think that's fine because I truly enjoy the game for what it is and was while I played through it. But for people that expected Anthem to offer a long amount of play time, it doesn't have it right now. It might one day and that's something I can maybe look forward to.

That's where expectations come in. I've said this a lot since before Anthem even launched, three Strongholds would not be enough. I knew what I was getting into when I started playing. I knew there wouldn't be enough content at launch to keep me playing for months.

I watched a video today by MTashed about why he would stop focusing on Anthem content on his channel. I only came across this video and channel because someone had mentioned it in a response on Twitter. People were saying "didn't he trash on Anthem after he got sick of it?" From what I saw, no. Not at all. There were two major reasons MTashed moved away from Anthem as far as I could tell: 1. lack of end game content, 2. toxic as hell community.

You know what's crazy about that? It wasn't the community playing the game that's toxic. It was the online social community that are very vocal on reddit and such and the comments section of his videos that were toxic. He was putting out lots of guides and stuff about Anthem and the comments he'd get kinda made him lose his mind pretty much.

That is just another reason why I think people should be ashamed of themselves for the ridiculous amount of nonsensical hate they've spewed all over the internet about Anthem. It's one thing to point out flaws, and it's another to scream so much hate about a game "sucking" because of a flaw or flaws that will most likely get fixed.

People expected a long game from Anthem. I don't know why especially at launch. Anybody that saw "three Strongholds in end game" and thought that would be enough were only fooling themselves. I mean come on.

But here's the thing and why I'm a little confused: if it wasn't for people expecting a super load of end game content, a 30 to 100+ hour long game would not be a bad thing at all. We play and love games that are much shorter than that. So why does Anthem get the special amount of hate? Literally just expectations for a longer game and of course not being loaded with issues but fixable bugs are not the big picture.

Think about it, fixable issues aside. The world of Anthem is incredible. The story has a great and deep lore. The characters are wonderful because they surprisingly continue to develop slowly as you play through it. The gameplay is pretty much the most fun thing out there. I'm probably forgetting other little things to say. The game is amazing. Some issues yes, but totally amazing.

I'll say it again: The hatefest on Anthem is unjustified, unfair, and completely nonsensical.

Thanks for reading! Have an awesome day.