Raiders of the Broken Planet: Free DLC Limited Time [Steam]


Raiders of the Broken Planet is a very interesting 4v1vPvE game. MercurySteam (the developers) took an episodic approach to make the game available to try for free and then purchasable to continue playing if you enjoyed the content that was available for free. The devs had also made the purchasable episodes unlockable just by playing the game.

I feel like Raiders of the Broken Planet is one of many games that doesn't get the attention or playerbase that it deserves. I'm not always sure why this happens, probably not being able to constantly advertise it? It's not a perfect game but it's definitely different and cool. Maybe they should have just gone the full free-to-play route from the beginning?

You can pick up all the content for free on Steam right now which is the perfect chance to give it a try if you haven't already. You may not have even heard of it.

For me, I just have too many games to play. I've really enjoyed what little time I have played of Raiders of the Broken Planet and right now I wish the DLC was free on PSN as well so I could unlock it for future playtime. I'd be more willing to pay for it if it was a game I was interested in playing more often. Right now I'm more into hack-and-slash and single-player games.

I really feel like Raiders of the Broken Planet has something special to offer. Sadly, seeing this happen on the Steam servers has me worried that the game might just die out.

Please go give the game a try. It's worth your time to at least try it out for free and see what you think.

Thanks for reading!