GameSkinny - The Video Game Site You Should Know About

There are a few sites out there that allow you to post your opinions, reviews, and whatever general thoughts you have concerning the video game industry such as Destructoid, IGN, GamesBeat, and others. But none of them are as cool as GameSkinny. Not only is GameSkinny a site full of news, reviews, and everything going on in the gaming world written by professionals, but  its large staff of great writers also help you make your own content look and read better!

After you submit your articles, the staff at GameSkinny comes to you. They offer advice. They even edit your post for typos or grammatical errors (which I always need help with!) Then they send you a message telling you what they changed and why.

GameSkinny has grown a ridiculous amount since I first discovered it just a few months ago. There are more staff members and way more regular members posting like crazy on it. I really love that the site offers all the gaming news you would find anywhere else and more. But the content is also written by regular gamers and fans of games sharing what they've discovered. Gamers just like me who probably don't know how to write properly but just want to share their thoughts and discuss the awesomeness of video games with other gamers.

On top of it all, if the staff at GameSkinny like the stuff you submit enough, they'll even promote your article to the front page of the site. GameSkinny made me feel like I was a writer for a professional site without actually being a staff member there, before I started my own website and joined a couple of other websites as a writer. GameSkinny offers internships every few months or so, and I've seen a couple of my favorite writers join the staff. It's pretty neat.

They even have a social wall type of deal. When you log in you get notifications of where and what the people you follow have posted. And the site is always improving. There's always some new feature they're working on, or an old one that they're making even better. GameSkinny has everything: reviews, user reviews, news, user news, and culture. It's a really good one-stop source for everything gaming and offers a personal feeling. I'd be surprised if it doesn't make you feel like you're actually a part of it. Check 'em out. =)