The Walking Dead: 400 Days

*Spoiler Free Alert*

That was a beautiful tease to a new season. It's really hard to write anything about the new DLC because it's really short, but long enough to have kept me satisfied, which I think is saying a lot. It's not near as long as the first entire season but it's definitely as complete of a story. I was really impressed. I was worried for awhile there. I knew it would be short. Every new character's story that I played through felt like I was getting closer to the end; and I didn't want that to happen! I'm only guessing, but I'd say 400 Days is as long as a single episode was in the first season.

The dialogue options seemed to be more finely tuned. When I chose not to speak out, my character didn't come up with whatever the game forced them to say, but actually stayed quiet. That was a nice touch. I remember in the regular season that if I chose to be quiet, the dude would speak up anyways; it was rather annoying.
I also felt like the dialogue choices offered an even deeper hesitancy in most cases, and a stronger feeling that it mattered.

Of course, there were a couple of choices I wish would have had a little bit more of an obvious result, but that's actually a part of what makes it good too. For all the choices I was offered, I only felt like two of them were mistakes, and I think that is an accomplishment. There were a lot of choices in the first season that I would have changed in a heartbeat because the result didn't seem to quite match with what I was going for.

There seemed to be quite a bit more animated scenes than the first season also, which was great!

I want to say more, but it's real touchy with this kind of game, and the game itself is short. Just like the first season, I wanted to play 400 Days again immediately after finishing it. I think I'm finally gonna replay through all of Season 1 first though. Telltale has definitely improved upon every mechanic from the original season and I cannot wait until Season 2!