Wet (PS3)

Wet's title derives from the euphemism "wet work" – a messy job or task that involves one's hands becoming wet with blood.

Super-Star Voice Actors!

First off Rubi the protagonist is voiced by Eliza Dushku?!?!?! So cool! She was Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the main star of Dollhouse and many other things, those are just my favorite roles of her. Then you also have Malcolm McDowell as the main villain!!! None of that really matters because the dialogue and story weren't spectacular but I still thought it was super cool.

I haven't played a female character this badass since Nariko in Heavenly Sword. I love Lara Croft but she's got nothing on these two women!
I still think Nariko is the most powerful character I've ever played as but it was a whole different setting. Heavenly Sword was a melee focused game while Wet is shooter based with a lot of everything thrown in.

Variety Of Gameplay

This is a platformer, third person shooter, and hack and slasher! Although the melee combat isn't very impressive since you don't get a lot of combination attacks but it sure is fun and very cool looking and her main finishing move with the sword is to jam it up into the enemies crotch, it's just not your main form of attacking enemies, shooting is.

Super Stylized Action

This game is all about style, and it is loaded with it. It looks like it was a film made in the 70's. There are broken looking film projector scratches that cover the screen. I read a review that said it was distracting and made them feel sick so they turned it off. I didn't even know you could turn it off, I never would have thought of it. I did not feel the same way at all. For me they actually contributed to the style of the game. Due to the scratchy film look and the games style in general it makes the game time-less in my opinion. The graphics are obviously dated but because of the style of them, the really cool camera angles and the scratchy film projector look, the graphics did not look out of place to me. I'd bet the game looks like crap (well, old anyways) if you turn off the projector film tho.

There were some intermissions and commercials between a few levels, kind of entertaining, keeping along the lines of the classic movie look and feel. I also didn't even notice there weren't any opening credits for the title of the game or the creators until after two full levels at the start. Made me laugh when the credits started comin up, it was cool.

The cool camera angles I mention are pretty much just during cut scenes or quick cinematic events while playing. All the action is reminiscent of a movie made in the 90's and even today. The action is pretty hardcore. And something that might pique your interest even more is that it totally has a Kill Bill feel to it and there's even a "mode" you enter during some levels that are obviously inspired by the Kill Bill movies. Even some of the music they play is very similar.

---Possible Gameplay Spoiler: The Kill Bill inspired levels open up with an enemy charging at Rubi (you) and she blasts them in the face with her gun and ends up with their blood splattered all over her face. The first time this happened I was like "cool, face covered in blood yeah!" and I had no idea I was about to enter a rage mode of awesome.

The visuals turn to black and white and red throughout your rage mode as you slaughter your enemies doing increased damage. It's a really beautiful sight and just totally cool. You remember in Kill Bill when the lights go out and you see the movie in blue and black colors? It's like that. After the first time it happened I wasn't expecting to see it again but it turns out there are several levels made for it. You get used to it and every time you see a guy charge at you and blood splatter on your face you know what you're doin next. =)
Possible Gameplay Spoiler End---

Excessive "Bullet Time" But Still Cool

The action itself is insanely badass. The main problem and super cool mechanic is that every time you jump and fire or slide and fire you enter slow motion allowing you to tear up all your enemies. So that basically just makes the game super easy. If you fire without doing your slide or jump tricks the gun fires very slow. When you enter the slow motion mode you fire very fast. So this just makes it so if you want to play an action game that's what you're gonna get. There's no major challenge even from the bosses because you just spam slow-mo on them and win. This is just for pure action fans that wanna kill people in style.

Action & Controls

You run along walls while shooting at enemies, slide across the ground where Rubi can spin completely around with her upper body firing at people behind her as she slides forward, and do some neat somersaults just from simple jumping and of course there's pole vaulting while blasting away. You duel wield most of the guns you get, one gun auto targets enemies as you fire and the other one you aim. I did have trouble aiming throughout the entire game. There's no aim assist on the non automatic targeting reticule and as you're doing all these tricks the camera is moving while you're trying to aim and the enemies are moving so it's a bit of a pain even with the slow-mo.

Weapons And Score System

You start off with basic pistols, then you get shotguns, then sub-machine guns and finally a crossbow with exploding bolts. There is a leveling system but it's super simplistic which isn't a bad thing since the game itself is pretty easy, although I did play it on Easy it's hard to imagine it being very difficult when you can just spam slow-mo. The leveling system offers you new moves that you didn't start with in the very beginning. You buy them with points you earn from your stylized kills. You get chain kill points, and head-shot points and just in general style points for all the slow-mo kills you do which is basically what you do through the entire game otherwise you probably wont do much killing.

Need A Break From The Repetition

I think around halfway through the game it started feeling repetitive. Every games gameplay is repetitive, usually it's the story or new levels and characters you come across that keep the game entertaining. In this case, much like Lollipop Chainsaw the story just did not drive me through it. It's not a bad story, it just wasn't compelling. Unlike Lollipop Chainsaw it doesn't keep you entertained with funny lines throughout. It's the same slow-mo awesome action through the whole thing. The combat is wonderful, the action is really crazy and stylized, it's beautiful, but by the end i was bored mostly because it was a rental. If I wanted to take my time and just play it whenever I'm in the mood to whip out some Matrix style action I totally would. I would love to play it again and will definitely buy it if I see it for around $10.

Some parts were a pain, there were a few areas I would die several times because the controls were a bit whacky only during those parts making them quite frustrating. The combat itself played out smooth and just fine.

Final Thoughts

Artistic, cinematic, beautifully stylized, worth a look for any action fans. Reminded me of Stranglehold but even better except even Stranglehold didn't feel as repetitive as this one. It's mostly because it felt like the slow-mo mode of the game was what you had to rely on just to get any kills so you basically play through the whole thing in slow-mo. It's really bitchin action tho for sure. Would love to see more games with a style like this one.

The soundtrack was totally awesome. It's not music I would normally listen to on my own but it really fit the mood of the action.

All that and Rubi happens to be very good with a harmonica too!