Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Awesome Action Combat

So the combat is pretty cool. You cut up a bunch of human and robot enemies. During your combination attacks you can get a slow-mo spot and aim to chop up different parts of your enemies bodies, it's pretty crazy and gorey. The thing that sucks is the forced camera angles. They are really weird since the camera doesn't automatically get behind your character to face the enemies you're attacking. It goes off to the side. Of course you can manually turn the camera to face your enemies but the camera likes to move off on it's own as the action plays out. I thought it was pretty frustrating and damn ridiculous. It didn't make the game harder, it was just silly and annoying.

Cool Boss Fights, Bad QTE's

The bosses were all really cool! I loved their characters, they were interesting looking and had some pretty neat moves. I didn't really care for their personalities and I'll explain that a little more shortly. The fights themselves were pretty neat tho. The game offered several "wholly crap" moments of action scenes. The final boss was really cool except there were too many quick-time events involved that were just simple and boring. I love quick-time events in games, they offer us interaction with combat scenes that we would not be able to experience otherwise. That said, not all quick-time events are done very well in most games. So, while the QTE scenes were really cool, they just didn't offer any real interaction for the player.
Also, button mashing in QTE's has really got to stop in my opinion. =p

Unsatisfying Story

I was insanely bored with the story. The dialogue and the way it was set up was just so bland and horrible to me. The deeper meaning of the story was fine and it could have been really good, it just wasn't interesting to play through.
Also the personalities were either dull or just not fleshed out enough for me to care about any of the characters including our main hero Raiden. Your enemies were really cool looking, they had some interesting messages with deeper meaning but it was just not presented well. It's like they basically gutted the story and made it insanely simplistic just to keep it as an action game.
The action is great but I just did not care at all about any of the games story progression.

Could Have Been Cool

It's extra disappointing because the combat system is pretty good and there is a neat upgrade system in which you can make your weapons more powerful, you can get newer moves, change your outfits. I loved playing as Raiden wearing a sombrero. The game simply isn't long enough or deep enough for any of that to matter. With all the available upgrades all I did was improve the damage on my weapon, I didn't even buy any extra moves at all. So it has a deeper system available that just isn't necessary making it practically invisible. I do think the duration of the game didn't help with that tho. I imagine it's cool if you want to play through the game again.

Graphics & Closing Thoughts

The graphics are really nice, they aren't impressive but they are very nice, some visuals at certain parts are "meh" but overall it's a good looking game. It also has a beautiful anime style to it. The music and sound effects were great!

I do love how Raiden is a male ninja wearing high heels. I'm sure there's a technicality there and when I say "I love how he wore them" what I mean is I found it extremely entertaining.
In the end, because of the boring plot and characters I did not like the game.
I beat the game on Easy in just under four hours.