Tomb Raider Reboot

Note: This is a short and quick review that i posted on Steam. It has a pretty short limit and this was written not long before i beat the game. I plan to come back and fix it up and add more detail because the game deserves it. I just wanted to have this on my blog for content. =p

A true experience and a very fun ride.

Definitely not anything like the rest of the series and thats what i like about it, but i understand the frustration of long time fans. While there is some exploration available its very limited, its still kind of fun but very limited.

Sadly its not even as open as the Uncharted series and thats saying a lot.
Its a fairly fast paced action game. I think its incredible. While its probably not what most long time fans want its definitely worth playing.

Also while you dont get to do a lot of free roaming it still feels like a big beautiful world. The way the game takes you through so many different locations (on the same freakin island, it feels huge!) it still has an explorative feel when it comes to the story itself.
You do a whole lot of traveling and almost everything is always fresh and interesting, its all beautiful.

A cool thought to have is that if they do continue the series it will probably end up more like Assassins Creed. This game felt like a mix of Uncharted and Assassins Creed to me; AC due to the way the stealth system works, its pretty fluid but you dont get many times where you actually get to choose to be stealthy.
I cant help but imagine this is just the start and only better things can come from more games following this one.