Terminator: Salvation PS3

Well first off I have no idea why it has this name. There isn't a single thing in this game that crosses over what happens in the movie under the same title. It doesn't offer any extra insight into the story and really is just another game trying to make money from the title alone which is very sad. Being a huge fan of the movies and the television show I had high hopes. I know the reviews were bad but they usually are for games that I love.

You play as John Conner which I was interested in because he didn't have a major role in the Salvation movie so I was curious how the story played out. I can't even sit here and try to think up a way to describe the plot since seriously there basically isn't one. You're John Conner and you leave no man behind so have to save a few people.

The gameplay is ok, it's a little fun but there isn't really a lot of combat until the end of the game. It's basically kill 4-8 robots then advance to the next level. That's not too big a deal since the game is around two and a half hours long. Yeah bleh. I do like killing terminators tho a.k.a. "exo's." You also get to fight the big flying Hunter Killer ships a.k.a. "HK's." So fighting Terminator robots and stuff is really neat but you basically fight the same exact ones over and over again which is actually a plus side to the game being so short. I would not want to do that for five or more hours unless there was an actual good story to it.

The vehicle combat levels were my favorite part about it. While the ground combat levels are basic and you kill a few robots, move on and repeat; the vehicle combat levels had a pretty nice flow to them and a decent amount of kill a bunch of crazy robots.

The co-op might be the best part about it but I wouldn't know from experience. It's definitely set up for it tho. There are these spider-like terminator's that cannot be damaged from the front. The AI actually doesn't do too bad in the game, they make it do-able as they should since it's a requirement to get behind these enemies and you fight them often.
So if you and a friend are hardcore fans of the movies it might be a bit more fun to play together.

It's the only game I can think of that truly lived up to its terrible reviews. highly disappointing.