Spider-Man: Edge of Time

Note: I have not played a Spider-Man game in so long that the last one I can remember playing was on the Atari.

Simple But Cool Story

Pretty cool story, not deep or anything. There's a scientist who's name is Walker Sloan (voiced by Val Kilmer!) who has warped time so that he could control the planet in order to save it from itself, makes sense to me! Peter Parker and Miguel O'Hara (2099 Spidey) have to work together in each of their time-lines to reverse it. Miguel has used Peter's DNA so that they can speak to each other in their own time-lines. The game explains it better than I do of course. There was a twist I never expected and it was damn cool, I think just to see that twist is worth playing the game. That's not to say it's the only good thing about it tho!

The beginning of the game starts off with the alternate reality that Walker has caused and Miguel needs to save Peter's life. Throughout the game you switch between the two Spider-Men who play very similarly but also have a few of their own tricks. The transitions between the two were pretty smooth. I also liked how they would chat with each other, a lot of their banter was pretty funny and kind of let you get to know each of them and how different they are from each other. There were a couple spots where Peter seemed like a cry-baby, it was strange and out of place but thankfully it didn't last long.

Spidey Combat

The combat was very nice, easy to control and a whole ton of fun. Lots of crazy cool combo's and really kick-ass special abilities and upgrades which you unlock as you progress through the game. Miguel can plop down a decoy for enemies to attack while he smashes their faces in. Peter can toss out a huge web that captures all the enemies in front of him for a couple of seconds to smash up. Those were my favorite abilities, there's plenty more.
Overall it's a simple beat-em up that you can pretty much get through with just mashing the same combo. Don't get me wrong tho, you use the same combo the whole time but you can't just spam it without getting hurt, you still need to play smart. The combo's were long and easily combined with other moves and they just looked super cool. I always felt like a total bad-ass even tho sometimes I did get my butt kicked if I tried to take on too many difficult enemies at one time head on.

Plenty Of Wall Crawling, Not A Lot Of Swinging

There wasn't a whole lot of web swinging. I didn't think it was a bad thing, it was obvious to me the game was more focused on very fun combat. The little web swinging you do was pretty neat although sometimes hard to control so that it would be a little annoying when you're trying to collect the orbs that you use to buy/upgrade abilities. Outside of some small frustration at collecting orbs from swinging it was very cool and fun to do.
There was definitely a crap ton of wall crawling tho. I really liked the camera angles for it most of the time, sometimes it would bother me when trying to collect the orbs since the radius of collecting them is pretty small but overall it was great. I really got to play as Spider-Man.

Cool Aspect, Not Fun

My least favorite parts in the game also happened to be some of the coolest. You jump down these tubes to get further down into the building and while you do so all these obstacles come up for you to dodge. It looked very cool but they were a pain in the butt! The controls are a bit weird in them, it's kind of like you're on a grid so that when you hit left you move a spot left, hit right, you move a spot right. I hope you know what i mean, I don't know how to explain it better lol sorry.

Boss Time

The bosses rocked! The final boss being the best of all. It's too bad there weren't more tho. There's only three that I can remember. I guess that makes sense tho since there's only three chapters in the game. I would love to tell you more about the bosses but since there's so few I don't want to spoil them. That being said, I didn't think the game felt too short nor did it feel too long, it felt pretty near perfect to me. I didn't time how long I played, i'm gonna make a guess and give it at least eight hours for a play-through, it's possible it was shorter. This one I started on Normal difficulty instead of Easy cuz I had read someone mention it was pretty easy on Normal, he was right.
(I tend to start games on Easy now just so I can experience it for fun and especially as a rental to complete it faster to get my next game in que).

The graphics weren't super impressive but they are pretty nice.
Very fun, super cool game.