LaughtOutLoudlipop Chainsaw

I laughed out loud so many times while playing this game. It is extremely silly and the plot is pretty freakin horrible but it is a really entertaining game. Juliet is the main character and it just so happens to be her Birthday when the Zombocalypse comes around and her entire family just happen to be zombie hunters. So ridiculous but it's funny.

One thing I really loved about the game was all the colors used! I didn't find the graphics to be very impressive but they were pretty in a lot of parts, especially the rainbow sparkly modes.

The bosses were freakin great. I still have no idea why they were all musicians, it's possible I missed that in the story or it just never came up, I don't remember. They had these really cool special attacks and almost always had something flashy blasting up the screen. My favorite boss was the hippy psychadelic zombie chick, she was great! The last two bosses were both really damn impressive tho. The boss before the final one was this dude riding a flaming motorcycle, totally had me thinkin Ghost Rider, but he wasn't a clone of Ghost Rider, just had a flaming bike of total awesomeness! The last boss (lol) huge zombie demon Elvis. All of the boss fights were great.

I thought it was funny how you got upgrades to your weapons. There is an in game shop that lets you upgrade your health and stuff like that with coins you get from killing zombies. But when you actually get real upgrades to progress the game you get them as Birthday gifts from your family members as you encounter them through the game. It's pretty funny stuff.

The problem with the entire game was really its over-simplified combat system. You basically mash the same button the entire time for several hours. Sure you can use other buttons but you really just don't need to. Not only do you not need to but the combinations available really aren't that great and didn't offer anything rewarding enough to change up just simply mashing your most powerful attack, even during the boss fights.

I really love button mashers but this was pretty bad in its simplicity. Of course you can still get your butt kicked, i'm not saying the game doesn't offer a challenge if you want it to through harder modes and ranked competition modes. The moves themselves are neat and fun to watch but there's not enough of them. This game would have been really damn good if they had made combination attacks more fluid and abundant, that's all it would have taken to make it so much better. The great thing is it didn't stop me from having fun. Seeing the screen go super rainbow sparkly crazy just for lobbing 3+ heads off of multiple zombies at a time is freakin hilarious and great. There's actually a part where Nick (your boyfriend) asks you where all those rainbows and sparkles come from and Juliet's answer is somethin like "it comes from awesomeness!" So many laugh out louds for me.

The ending: I'm not going to spoil it but I wanna say a couple things. Through-out the entire game I didn't give a tiny crap about the story at all, didn't care about the characters, didn't care about Juliet or her boyfriend-head Nick. But then the ending happened. I was like "what the fark?" It got good! Where did this come from? It took ten seconds in the end of the game for me to care about both Juliet and Nick as people. Nick became a true freakin hero! What? Where did this come from and why wasn't it in the rest of the game? lol But of course the game wasn't made to have a great story. I was surprised and really happy and satisfied to finally give a crap about them.

There were so many awesome mechanic's and idea's in the game but they just weren't presented or executed very well. There's a map you play where you're in an arcade and you enter these arcade video games and play them like its a whole new game. They're really short and mostly fun but there's just something missing. A lot of great idea's that just didn't quite fall through.

I love the idea of replaying the stages in order to compete with ranked matches online but this was a rental so I didn't bother. I really think if they had added a much better combination system the game would have been a lot better. But it is fun and definitely worth a rental if you want some mindless fun.