God of War: Ascension

I just completed the game and that was pretty damn incredible. The last hour was the best freakin part of the whole game which is a good and bad thing. The entire last hour (possibly a little longer, I didn't exactly time it) was insanely epic and that’s saying a lot since everything in every game of the series is freakin epic.

I was disappointed in the story. Games 1-3 drove me through them with a pretty cool plot that was updated often and kept me wanting to learn more. This one has a good story but there’s just not a lot of it. I was mostly driven to beat the game just simply to beat it. The ending was really freakin good tho!

People complain about QTE’s (Quick Time Events: an interactive cinematic combat scene) a lot in games but without QTE’s you simply would not have these kinds of insane, truly epic encounters. There’s plenty of combat in between the QTE’s. Although I will admit that while i felt games 1-3 made excellent use of QTE’s this one felt a bit more “dumbed down.” I still loved em tho, especially that last boss. You will never see a boss like that done without QTE’s. lol I imagine and hope that the QTE’s offer a little more challenge on harder difficulty modes.

While playing the last major battle before the final boss I was remembering Adam Sessler’s review and him mentioning how incredibly hard it was. It was pretty freakin hard but all it really did was make you use your block button more. lol It’s a pretty long battle and it is tough but if you play smarter than you usually have to it's not so bad and pretty epic as usual.

I wasn’t completely happy with the game until it was over. That last hour really made up for it for me. The entire game is really as epic as the rest in the series (I haven’t played the PSP versions tho) and in some places even more-so which is pretty surprising and unexpected, i mean how do you get more epic than the first 3 games? They pulled it off. The scenes are as beautiful as ever and the monsters you fight are super cool. The graphics are just gorgeous! It’s really just the lack of plot to drive you through it that made it less enjoyable until the end.

Other than the plot another thing I didn’t like was there were several times I would walk into a new room and see exactly where i needed to go next but upon entering the room the game enters a short cinematic showing you where to go. I thought it was pretty ridiculous and like they were treating me like an idiot. I love when there’s a short cinematic to show me this gorgeous new room I've entered but it was pretty annoying when the camera would move down a very small path showing me where I already knew I needed to go. ugh!

I think it’s definitely worth a play-through for all fans and PS3 owners.

I only rented it so I cant give a bigger opinion on the multiplayer. All I can say is when I played it in the beta it blew my mind and was just an absolute blast. I plan to own this game when its cheaper (i’m poor =p ) just so I can play the multiplayer. =)