Asura's Wrath

The first thing I would like to get out of the way here is that I don’t think you will enjoy this game if you aren’t a fan of Anime. The second thing you should know is this isn’t really a video game. It’s as much a video game as The Walking Dead game is. I’m definitely not saying it as if that is a bad thing. I really enjoyed The Walking Dead and Asura’s Wrath. These are just two key things I think someone should know before reading the rest. This way if you’re already not interested you don’t need to read the rest. =p

The game is presented as if it were an actual anime made for television which is something I really liked about it. There are eighteen episodes with the eighteenth episode having two versions, one is the initial ending and then you unlock the “real” eighteenth episode that gives you an even more interesting ending. The first two episodes were a little on the boring side, mostly due to the fact that you don’t interact much with the game and also due to it obviously having to get the story situated resulting in a very slow start. The game is basically an extremely long simple quick time event. But as I said earlier if you enjoy anime’s you should still enjoy this. Once you get past the first two episodes the games pace moves along pretty nicely.

I love the story even tho it didn’t really compel me through the game. Asura is one of eight demi-gods that protect the world from evil. One day, and I’m not quite sure why, Asura is framed for the murder of their emperor. The cool thing I thought about this was that during the game you find out about a myth told by the human beings about the eight demi-gods that protect them and how one day Asura betrayed the guardians and became super evil. Of course we’re seeing the story through Asura’s eyes and how he is framed. I just thought that was a pretty cool addition to the story. Asura is now on his way to exact revenge for being framed and a couple other things I dont want to spoil. During his first attack he gets beat down pretty hard into some crazy 12,000 year long coma. The old guardians are now using people’s souls to make themselves more powerful. I have left out a little bit of detail of the story because I think of it as small spoilers that you should enjoy without just reading about it. It’s pretty crazy.

It’s really too bad there isn’t more combat in the game because when you do enter battles it is so much freakin fun! Each episode is probably about twenty minutes long, but sadly you spend anywhere from thirty seconds (in the earliest episodes) to seven minutes actually interacting with the game. The average play time i believe I had was around two minutes per episode. You see the time you played in a stat’s screen at the end of each episode. That’s pretty nuts. Was it worth it? Yes! While I wasn’t super impressed by the story I liked it enough. I’ll tell you this tho, once i reached the end of episode twelve i wanted to recommend the game immediately. The end of episode twelve made the entire game worth it! And then it just got better from there.

The final boss was so damn awesome and to me it honestly out-did anything the God of War series has done, and it didn’t even scale the way God of War bosses do. It was just amazing! And that’s just mentioning the final boss. Every boss was really cool but that last one was… WOW! {God of War is still my favorite and still the most impressive. =p}

It was very cool, definitely at least rent it.